Alcohol effects

Alcohol’s Effects on Driving Skills

As an alcohol server or manager, it is extremely important that you help prevent your customers from driving while intoxicated. The reason is that alcohol can hinder a person’s driving abilities in the following ways. 

B4 Judgment Blue

Judgment: Alcohol hinders the ability to make good decisions and may lead to overconfidence or risk-taking behavior.

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Concentration: Alcohol affects the ability to concentrate or focus, leading to reduced vigilance, poor multitasking abilities, and even drowsiness.

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Coordination: Alcohol reduces hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

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Reaction Time: Alcohol slows one’s reflexes, which can increase the time it takes to respond to driving situations.

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Tracking: Alcohol affects the ability to judge one’s own position on the road as well as the location of road signs or other vehicles.

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Vision: Alcohol slows eye movement and alters visual perception, which may result in blurred vision and impaired night vision or color perception.

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